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Welcome to our new - look website!
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Bruder is renowned for their ‘Model Sized Toys’, large high-quality toys made in Germany, Bruder Toys are designed to be as realistic as possible, encouraging your child to role play and understand the mechanics of motion and design. Their toys are made to be played with, large, lifelike, robust and most of all, lots of fun.

Trucks Made Tough

Bruder creates rugged toys, realistic inside and out, tough enough to take punishment in the house and outside in the sandpit. The toys are built to scale and as true to the original as possible with great attention to detail and quality.

Realistic Actions

When Bruder makes a truck, tractor, car, or trailer, any toy really, they make it as tough and realistic as possible.Using high-quality ABS plastic and Polycarbonate in the manufacturing process, they design the toys to be handled, opened, turned, and played with! Cabin doors open and close, trays tilt; excavators dig, wheels turn, and children learn how things work in the real world.