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GBR Gel Ball Grenade

GBR Gel Ball Grenade

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  • Extremely well built, tough and durable ABS Construction.
  • Reusable design. Only need 5 second to reset.
  • Non gas / electric operated.  Explode when collide slightly after pulling out safety pin.
  • Covers a wide range with a diameter of 5 meters.
  • Can load up to 130 gel balls

Operating manual:

  • 1. Open the black cap at the bottom of the grenade and rotate counter clockwise, load up and cover the cap.
  • 2. Pull out the safety pin and throw to the target when in use. The grenade will be triggered when colliding with ground or wall.
  • 3. After collecting the used grenade, press the two-layer springboards back, reset the safety lever, and insert the safety pin to use again.


Height: 130mm

Dia: 50mm

Note: This product is a toy

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