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Toy Gun Battery Operated M4A1 V8  Gel Blaster

Toy Gun Battery Operated M4A1 V8 Gel Blaster

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The M4A1 V8 is the most popular gun in the gel blaster range. It has the best out of the box performance for the price and is highly modifiable. 
If you're an enthusiast or purchasing your first gel blaster, this model is the favourite amongst people for the value.

1 x Brand New M4A1 V8 Gel Blaster

Included in the box with each Gel Blaster:
1 x Gel Ball Magazine 
1 x Removable scope
1 x Front sight
1 x 7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 X Muzzle
1 x Safety Glasses 
1 x Gell Ball Starter Pack (Recommended to purchase more)
1 x Gel Ball Mixing Bottle

Magazine fed
Removable accessories
Safety switch
Extendable butt stock
High capacity magazine
Material: ABS

Firing Power:
Approximately 250 FPS 

Firing Range:
25+ Metres

Ammo Size:
7 - 8mm

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