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Experience the thrill, excitement and fun of gel blasters.

Gel blasters are growing in popularity in Australia, and once you try them out for yourself, you’ll understand why. Gel blasters have revolutionised skirmish and this new sport is very quickly rivalling paintball, airsoft and laser tag.

So why are gel blasters so popular?

  • Gel ball blasters are very affordable and easy to use
  • They are loads of fun and offer endless hours of play
  • Just as fun as paintball but without the mess and pain
  • Gel ball ammunition is low cost and harm free
  • How Do Gel Blasters Work?

    Gel blasters are powered by a rechargeable battery or manual loaded spring that shoots non harmful and inexpensive gel balls.

    The gel balls used in these blasters are mostly made of water, therefore they are non-toxic, leave no stains and are environmentally friendly. On impact, the gel balls explode into tiny pieces, like jelly and evaporate quickly.

    To operate your gel blaster, simply load the magazine with the gel balls, charge the battery and you’re ready to go.

  • Is it Legal to Own Gel Blasters?

    The law states that owning a gel blaster in Queensland and South Australia is legal. As of December 2017, gel blasters were classified as a toy and no licence is required to own one

    If you live in other states,we highly recommend consulting your local law enforcement officer before purchasing.